What is Unitank

Unitank is a galvanized tank elevated using mega anchors to store and re-use the rain-water. It can be connected to solar panels and heat it up. Unitank can also be used for purification of rain water.

1 %
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more durable
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more climate proof

Our Work


As a local manufacturer of cut to length steel tophats used as bearers, joists and purlins we are in a position to supply and substitute “hard to find” structural timber. Available in depths of 90mm, 150mm, 230mm and 300mm the top hats can easily replace timber joists, bearers and roofing purlins. Structural Greenspan Tophats are an ideal solution for residential or industrial flooring – single or multi story, decks and roof purlins.

For engineering design, orders and more information check out www.allthingssteel.com.au

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